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Common Managed IT Services


Managed services is quite a broad term for outsourcing various functions of a business. Most of the time, business owners even heard of the term first time they investigate IT outsourcing. Also, it's the favorite term for IT support companies that are looking forward to generate recurring revenue stream. Both small as well as medium sized businesses find that IT companies are offering different descriptions to what they consider as managed IT service packages. With this in mind, there are many who are questioning what really is managed services?


The practice of outsourcing day to day management responsibilities as well as functions as strategic method for cutting expenses and improving operations, which may include outsourcing HR activities, lifecycle build/maintenance activities and production support is the simplest definition for managed services. As a matter of fact, the industry is defining managed IT services like a program to which some part of the IT service is proactively done and with paid every month. On the other hand, the process and the results might vary depending on how the company approaches the support package.


While the definition could be somewhat vague, variations can be confusing at times as well. Listed below are few of the common managed services in the field of Information Technology.


Monitoring Only


In this package, this is practically the least effective but least expensive as well among any managed services available. It must not be deemed managed services actually but, many of the MSP's are using it as entry level service at a low price. As soon as an alert occurs, IT support company will then call their client to schedule necessary resolution for extra fee. This approach might shorten response time by IT company  but, doesn't do much in making real positive change for clients.


Limited Response


The next step for various companies, this method allows the remediation of some issues. The boundaries are typically specific and a bit restrictive. This approach as well may offer set amount of time for reactive network support per a time period or perhaps, include limited response for specific computer, server or any other technical issues. Any problems that are outside of defined perimeters will incur a service charge.


Remote-Only Help Desk Support


When using this approach, managed IT service company can implement the whole process with just limitation being that any onsite service would be at additional or discounted cost. This model could be effective for companies that are requiring little onsite response or have dispersed workforce, go here for more info!